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Really Cool ARticle on Being Vegan In A Relationship

Too Vegan To Function

I guess not everyone can have a perfect vegan partner like I do. I hear pretty often about people whose omnivorous partners are driving them insane, and I suspect that maybe, just perhaps, the omnivorous partners are also being driven insane, which isn’t good for the relationship or the animals. Therefore, this post is about being vegan in a relationship, tailored towards being vegan in a relationship with someone who isn’t vegan.

1. Figure out where you stand. For some people, meat eating or even consuming eggs or dairy is a dealbreaker. For some people, it’s not. Many people who say they want to only date vegans do end up meeting someone awesome who just happens to be an omnivore, while many people who don’t seem to care about only dating veg*ns end up in herbivorous relationships. Go figure. So, you can’t really choose who you’re going to fall for…

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Veganism & Relationships. I Am Moving Back To The East Coast AH!

This is about a subject that I am fascinated about : veganism and relationships. As the writer says

“Relationships. What is your point of view on relationships? Is it best to partner with someone who follows the same diet? Have friends with the same point of view?”

What do you think?

Living Girl ☆ Living Foods

I’ve been asked a very popular question that we all seem to have different points of views on, it’s not food related so sorry for those who were hoping for a food post!

Relationships. What is your point of view on relationships? Is it best to partner with someone who follows the same diet? Have friends with the same point of view?

Let me start off with my personal story because that’s truly the only thing I can share that is the honest to goodness truth. Everyone’s experience will be different and I am not a Love Doctor or anything of the sorts 😀

I am originally from Rhode Island. There is only ONE vegetarian and vegan restaurant that was at least a 45 minute drive from where I lived.

I had lots of issues meeting people who had similar views, eating habits and so forth. I kept dreaming of…

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Holiday Side Dish Special: Sauteed Brussels Sprouts with Crispy Sage Crumbs

That looks gorgeous!

food to glow

brussels sprouts with crispy sage crumbs
Love them or hate them, Brussels sprouts are a pretty addition to a winter festive table. But they do have a certain dubious reputation. At least here in Britain. Right now folk on the radio – okay, BBC Radio 2 – are asking the annual foodie question: are your sprouts on yet? This ‘banter’ starts in, oh, November. Yes, more than any other vegetable, sprouts get a bad rap.

Even if you don’t like them, sprouts are not only healthy they are also quite good for playing table football – soccer or American-style. Joking aside, Brussels sprouts briefly boiled or steamed, then sauteed in olive oil or butter until just starting to frazzle, are a world away from the mushy, stinky horrors of your youth. Blanket them in crispy ciabatta and sage crumbs, and Brussels get their festive hat on. Simple, but effective.DSC_0106steamed sprouts

Although I like them only briefly acquainted…

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Vegan Hot Chocolate

This little fella is ace.

Healthy Baby Weight

My son is always my toughest critic. Never one to shy away from direct honesty, he will promptly declare “yucky!” and walk away from anything that doesn’t taste good. His honesty and perspective are the reasons I love having him in my vegan test kitchen.

This week my husband and I have decided to try “vegan for a week.” I’ll be sharing our recipes here with you, and to kick things off this holiday season I’ve made vegan hot chocolate.

The coolest part? My son doesn’t like the regular swiss miss packet type stuff. But he drank all of this recipe 🙂


vegan hot chocolate recipe







(parents, check first before giving to kids.)

Helpful Hint:

boromir cocoa and almond milk

The heating makes the cocoa mix in with the almond milk. At least when I did it, you couldn’t just stir the cocoa powder in with the almond milk, it would just…

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